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2024-008 Neurology LHSC 2024-007 IGF-1 & Oxalate 2024-005 Neurofilament Light Chain (Nfl) 2024-003 VIP 2024-002 CJD & Prion Diseases 2024-001 ADAMTS-13 2023-060 Quinidine, MTHFR 2023-059 sTfR, CSF Amino Acids 2023-058 CIDP, TPMT 2023-057 Pyruvate, VIP 2023-056 C-peptide, IgLON5, TPMT 2023-055 Procalcitonin 2023-053 Calcitonin 2023-050 A1AT, Infliximab 2023-049 Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers Panel 2023-048 Trypsin, L-Asparaginase, Cortisol 2023-046 Copeptin 2023-044 Urine Oxalate 2023-042 Methotrexate, Ganglioside GQ1B Ab 2023-041 SRA, PINP, CRP, Urine Drug Screens 2023-039 N-Telopeptide Urine, VIP, Borrelia Miyamotoi Ab 2023-038 Urine Drug Screens 2023-037 Acetaminophen, TRAB, Osteocalcin, Thyroglobulin, Purine and Pyrimidines, Metabolic Screen, Ethylene Glycol 2023-036 N-Telopeptide, PINP 2023-035 New Protocol for UBJ and UPE 2023-033 APOA1, APOB, Lipoprotein a, Histamine 2023-032 NT-ProBNP, BNP 2023-031 Itraconazole, Posaconazole, Tamoxifen 2023-029 Use of Transfer Vials 2023-028 Free Protoporphyrin, Erythrocytes 2023-027 Oxalate 2023-026 Myoglobin 2023-025 Curry IgE, Hop Fruit IgE, Antimony 2023-024 N-Telopeptide, 5HIAA Plasma 2023-023 Infliximab with Reflex Antibodies 2023-022 GM1Ganglioside Ab, DPD Gene Mutation 2023-020 ALP Isoenzymes 2023-019 Lacosamide, Anti-MMP-1 2023-018 GAD65, DHT, Alprazolam 2023-017 25-Hydroxyvitamin D 2023-015 IL-2 Receptor, Mitotane, ZnT8 Antibodies 2023-014 C1q, Immune Complexes, C1INH, Venlafaxine, Neutrophil Ab 2023-013 Fluvoxamine, Glycine Receptor Alpha 1 IgG, Kit D816 Mutation, MIrtazapine 2023-012 IFNB-1, A1AG, A2MG, ACTH, BNP, Everolimus 2023-011 Bile acid, NfL 2023-010 Alpha-Galactosidase, L-Asparaginase 2023-009 Alpha-Galactosidase, Protein C, A1AG, A2MG 2023-008 Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Serum 2023-007 Carotene, Dihydrotestosterone, C6 2023-005 Cholinesterase, Lidocaine, Free T3, Free T4, Hepatitis D, B & E, Urine chemistries 2023-004 NMDA, Adalimumab, Factor XIII, Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 2023-003 Bile Acids 2023-002 C-Telopeptide, Chlordiazepoxide, Oxazepam, Diazepam, Bile Acids, G6PD 2023-001 Myositis, Phytanic Acid, Sterols, G6PD, Factor H 2022-050 Vitamin K, Vitamin B2, Fluoride, Mitotane, PGD2, Phytanic Acid, Sterols, Retinol Binding Protein, A1AT 2022-049 Oxalate Service Disruption 2022-048 Ceruloplasmin, Levetiracetam, Lipoprotein Ultracentrifugation 2022-047 CoQ10, Myositis, HMGCR, Paraneoplastic tests, Autoimmune Enacephalitis 2022-045 Levetiracetam, Infliximab, Cholinesterase, Inhibin, Anti-MAG 2022-044 C-telopeptide, Cholinesterase, PACP 2022-043 Preeclampsia Testing - sFlt-1PLGF Ratio 2022-042 Haptoglobin, Paroxetine, Myositis 2022-041 Tricyclic Antidepressant Drugs 2022-040 sTfR, Trypsin, VEGFD 2022-038 Histone Ab, Warfarin, Prostaglandins, Methylhistamine 2022-037 Vitamin B3, CMV Ab, Drug Screen, Fluoride 2022-035 Amiodarone, Histone Ab, CEA, IGF-1 2022-034 Soluble IL-2R 2022-033 C3-C4 update 2022-032 C2 Complement, Strep Ab, Warfarin, Lactoferrin 2022-031 Anti-MAG, IL-2, Aldosterone/Renin, LD Isoenzymes, A1AT 2022-029 Tricyclics, Neuron Specific Enolase, Estrone, Estradiol 2022-028 Dihydrotestosterone, Cystatin C/eGFR, CK, Lipoprotein a 2022-027 Canadian Diagnostic Executive Forum 2022-025 USDTL, Folate 2022-024 Anti-MAG, Trypsin, C1E Inhibitor, Procalcitonin 2022-023 Clomipramine, Coagulation Factors 2022-021 Chylomicron_Triglyceride Profile 2022-020 LPA 2022-019 ACE 2022-018 Estrone, Adenosine Deaminase, A1AT 2022-017 ARV at McGill 2022-016 Cytokines at HSC 2022-014 Infliximab-EtGluc-Azathio 2022-013 Levetiracetam, A1AT, Xylose Absorption Test 2022-012 Farmer's Lung IgG Antibodies 2022-011-C2, CH50, Lipid profile, Azathioprine, Barbiturates and Sedatives, EtGluc, Olanzapine, Vitamin B3 2022-010 Reporting Revisions 2022-008 A1AT&Cytokines 2022-007 Cystatin C revision 2022-006 Calprotectin revision 2022-004 H pylori revision 2022-003 RandomU TraceMetals LHSC 2021-029-LipaseReagentShortage 2021-025-Serotonin Method Change 2021-024 IFA Assays 2021-021-Catecholamines 2021-020 Porphyrins 2021-019 7-dehydrocholesterol 2021-017 Lipoprotein Ultracentrifugation 2021-015 Porphyrins 2021-012 Autoimmune Encephalitis, PK, Various reference range revisions 2021-011 Progesterone, Estradiol 2021-010 Oligoclonal Banding 2021-009 Metabolic Screen, Purines & Pyrimidines 2021-006 EBV, Vitamins A, B1, B6 and C 2021-005 Hemoglobin Fractionation, Methylmalonic Acid 2021-004 EBV, Immunoglobulin D, C-Telopeptide COVID19-Cumulative-08Feb2021 2021-002-Various 2021-001-Various 2020-044-Various 2020-041-Vitamins 2020-040-Aldosterone 2020-038-Service Interruptions 2020-037-Revisions 2020-035-UCAT 2020-034-Revisions 2020-032-Test Interruptions 2020-031-COVID Diagnostic Testing 2020-029-COVID Interruptions Update 2020-027-ServiceRevisions 2020-026-Communications-COVID 2020-025-Test Interruptions 2020-024-COVID Interruptions-Suppliers 2020-023-COVID Interruptions-Clients 2020-022-CDT, CDT for CDG 2020-020-CoronavirusUpdate 2020-019-DopMet 2020-018-New Tests 2020-017-Newc5b9&Tick 2020-016-Dopamine&Metanephrines 2020-015-Trim,IGFBP3,BioT 2020-014-IGFBP3 2020-013-IgG Index 2020-012 21 Hydroxylase Antibodies 2020-011-NewTests 2020-009-TRAB-TSI 2020-008-Gangliosides Antibodies Profile IgG + IgM 2020-007 Revision - Shipping specimens from patients suspected or confirmed having Coronavirus 2020-005 Coronavirus and specimen pick up and delivery location changes 2020-003-PTHrP&HistaP 2020-002-ADAMTS 2020-001-HMGCRAb 2019-054-NewTests 2019-053-P50 2019-052-NextVarious 2019-050-NextVarious 2019-049-Aminoglycosides 2019-048-NewTests 2019-045-Various 2019-044-Various 2019-043-TestRevisions 2019-042-Various 2019-041-FarmersLung 2019-040-Various 2019-038-Test Revision-Metanephrines, Random Urine Results 2019-035 New Website and Test Catalogue Launch 2019-033-VitaminK 2019-030-Copeptin 2019-029 Canadian Diagnostic Executive Forum 2019-028-Test Delay 2019-025-Various 2019-022 Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) 2019-021 Various 2019-019 Various 2019-018-CystatinC 2019-017 Trypsin 2019-015-Various 2019-014-β2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibody 2019-013-Copeptin 2019-012-Metanephrines 2019-010-Various 2019-009-Copeptin&ADH 2019-008-Test Delay 2019-007-Various 2019-005-LRC-Delay 2019-004-BKV-Method 2019-003-Copeptin 2019-002 Follow Up -Labelling Packages the TDG Act and Regs Final 2019-001-Phytanic 2018-051-Labelling Packages the TDG Act and Regs Final 2018-050-Various 2018-048-AvianAntigenSpecificTests 2018-047-AvianPrecipitins 2018-046-Various 2018-045-Homocysteine 2018-044-VitB1 2018-042-Allergens 2018-041-NMO-MOG-SJO 2018-037-Tryptase 2018-036-HSC-Units-Correction 2018-035-Patient Names for Multiple Births 2018-034-Trypsin-Quest 2018-031-UrineCortisolRevision 2018-030-VitaminD 2018-029-ChromograninA 2018-028-Various 2018-027-AcetylcholineRecAb 2018-026-Dihydrotestosterone 2018-025-Glucagon-Mayo 2018-024-Cortisol-Saliva 2018-022-DrugScreenRevision-Epic 2018-021-DrugScreenRevision-Epic 2018-019-TimedCollections 2018-017-VitB1-PL-QST 2018-016-PRCAL-STM-Rev 2018-015-VitB1-WB 2018-014-B2MG-S 2018-013-Amino_Acids 2018-012-Recall 2018-011-RBC_FOL 2018-010-Various 2018-007-25-OH-Vitamin D 2018-005- Alkaline Phosphatase Bone Specific 2018-004-Test Revision-Orotic Acid, Urine - Correction 2018-003-Various-Revisions 2018-002-Test Revision-Orotic Acid, Urine 2018-001-Test Revision-CH50

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