Hospital & Laboratory Services

In-Common Laboratories (ICL) is a not-for-profit, mission-focused Canadian medical laboratory referral testing service. Our goal is to support our clients by providing medical laboratory testing and other services to support patient care, while keeping precious healthcare dollars within the hospital budgets. We ensure that all laboratory tests handled by ICL are performed by accredited referral laboratories that offer the highest quality methods, technologies and support.

Image of empty test tubes on a page of results

As an Accreditation Canada Diagnostics ISO15189 Plus accredited laboratory, licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Health, ICL handles all referrals with high-quality management. Our clients receive a “one-stop shop” for their laboratory testing needs, saving time and money, while providing high-quality results.

Hospital & Laboratory Services Provides Access To

Expansive Test Catalogue
Multiple Referral Laboratories
Transportation Logistics
Emergency Services Back Up
Information Technology Integration
Consolidated Monthly Invoicing
Out of Province/Out of Country Referral Testing
COVID-19 Testing

Our Team

Kevin Orr

Vice-President, Hospital Business Development

Kimberly Beattie

Senior Medical Laboratory Team Lead, Client Care

Amirah Vastani

Senior Medical Laboratory Team Lead, Client Care

Should you need assistance, we are here to help.
Please feel free to contact us through, 416-422-3000 ext. 300, or toll free at 1-888-285-7817.