Frequently Asked Questions: Referring Hospital Clients

For referring hospital clients 

This page outlines answers to freqently asked questions from ICL’s hospital clients.

If you are a client of ICL’s Integrative Laboratory Services (ILS) team, please view the ILS frequently asked questions page.

How can I obtain a patient report?

If you are the ordering clinician seeking a patient report, please fax your request to our secure fax line at 416-385-1957.  

I ordered a test but did not receive the result. How come?

Results are returned to the ordering laboratory for distribution to ordering clinicians. If you are the ordering clinician, see the above question for direction and next steps. 

How do I order supplies from ICL?

Existing ICL clients can order supplies from us. To do so, please fill out our Supply Request Form. If you are not yet an ICL client, please email our team at and we will gladly begin the onboarding process!

How do I become an ICL client?

Please email us at and our teams will begin the client onboarding process. We look forward to working with you! 

I would like to receive my monthly invoice in Excel format. Can ICL accommodate this request?

Yes! In order to receive your invoice in Excel, please email your request to

Do you offer laboratory testing services for clinical trials or research purposes?

Yes! We do. If you would like to partner with ICL for clinical trials or research purposes, please email our team at

My hospital is located outside of Ontario. Can I work with you?

Of course! ICL is proud to support laboratory testing for hospitals across Canada. Please email our team at to begin the client onboarding process.