Frequently Asked Questions: Hospital and Clinic Patients

Can I get my blood collected at your lab?

Unless you’ve been directed by your health-care provider to book a blood collection appointment at ICL, we do not provide blood collection services.

Did you receive my samples?

In order to protect your privacy, we do not provide this information by email or by phone. Please have the clinician who ordered your testing contact us at 416-422-3000.

Can I drop my samples off rather than wait for Purolator?

Of course you can! Please bring your package to the rear door at 57 Gervais Drive and ring the bell at the back. We accept samples Monday to Friday between 9-5.

I am looking for my results. How do I receive them?

In order to protect your privacy, we do not provide laboratory testing results to patients. Results are provided securely to your ordering clinician. Please contact your clinician directly for your testing results.

What do my results mean?

Please contact your ordering clinician to discuss the interpretation of your testing results.

Can I get a COVID-19 test at ICL?

We offer COVID-19 testing for people who meet the provincial criteria. People who do not meet the provincial criteria but would like to access COVID-19 testing can do so at ICL for a fee.  Testing is by appointment only. To book an appointment please call 416-422-3000 ext. 300

Can I order a laboratory test through ICL?

In Ontario, all laboratory testing must be ordered by a licenced health-care provider.