Frequently Asked Questions: Integrative Laboratory Services

For ILS clients

This page outlines answers to frequently asked questions from ICL’s Integrative Laboratory Services clients (e.g. NDs).

If you are a hospital or clinical client, please view ICL’s frequently asked questions for referring hospital clients.

Getting started

Where can I find my ICL account number?

Once registered, all ICL account numbers under the Integrative Laboratory Service start with 8000 and end with a 4-digit identifying number. Account numbers can be found on your requisitions, invoices, and under ‘edit profile’ when logged into our website. An account number is required to place kit orders and is used to distinguish incoming samples instead of barcodes. Your ILS username and password were created when you registered. If you are unable to locate your account number, please reach out to your ILS representative.

Where can I find the ILS Fee Schedule?

You can access the fee schedule in two locations:

  1. The ILS Test Menu and Fee Schedule will be emailed to you in your welcome package
  2. You can find and download the most recent fee schedule by logging into your website account at
    The fee schedule can be found by navigating to: Resources > Integrative Laboratory Services > Fee Schedule

Where can I find additional information regarding the tests that ICL offers?

The ICL website provides robust test details with sample reports. If you can’t find the information you are looking for in the Test Catalogue, please reach out to your ILS Representative.

Test kit ordering

How do I know which tests are orderable by Ontario NDs?

The Test Menu and Fee Schedule indicate tests that are orderable by Ontario NDs based on the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act #683. Alternatively, you can visit our online test catalogue to access the full test menu. The advanced search button allows you to filter for tests orderable by Ontario NDs.

How do I order test kits?

An online supply order form is available by logging into your website account at You’ll find the order form under the My Account tab in the upper right-hand corner. You will need the following information to submit an order:

  • Your ICL account number:
    If you work for multiple clinics, you will have different account numbers for each location
  • Order details:
    Lab provider, test name, sample type and quantity of kits. You can reference the ICL fee schedule to find this information.
  • Shipping details

Can I order test kits delivered directly to my patients?

Yes, you can have kits delivered directly to your patients in Ontario at an additional charge of $10 +tax. All shipments outside of Ontario are subject to a $25 +tax fee per kit. The shipping cost is applied at the time the kit is shipped out.

Where do I find the requisitions?

Direct-to-patient kits

When shipping kits directly to your patients, the lab will create a label for your patient and place the labeled requisition in the test kit prior to send-out. Your patient will need to complete any required collection information on the requisition, and ensure the requisition accompanies the test kit when returning the samples to ICL.

Direct-to-clinic kits

Blank requisitions are included in all test kits that are sent directly to your clinic or office.

Important: It is required that practitioners complete the requisition in-full to ensure the correct test is resulted and all necessary information is provided. Incomplete or incorrect requisitions may lead to delays, samples being rejected or the wrong test being ordered.

How long does it take to receive a kit once it’s been ordered?

Kit orders are usually fulfilled within two business days and can then be in transit for up to three business days.