Specialty Services

ICL’s Specialty Services was established to provide research clients, physician offices, government agencies, international visitors/students, and other healthcare professionals with better access to high-quality, cost-effective tests.

Image of a physician with their arms crossed

Our service provides you with access to a wide variety of laboratory tests from our current catalogue as well as offering new test and laboratory searches for tests not currently listed. We will also help with validation support for new in-house testing and occupational health monitoring.

Specialty Services Provides Access To

Expansive Test Catalogue
Multiple Referral Laboratories
Phlebotomy Services
Validation Support for New In-House Testing
International Visitor or Student Services
Out of Province/Out of Country Referral Testing
Patient Testing not Covered by the Provincial Ministry

Our Team

Should you need assistance, we are here to help.
Please feel free to contact us through specialtyservices@iclabs.ca, 416-422-3000 ext. 304, or toll free at 1-888-285-7817.