Accessing Invoices Online – Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that this page is intended for Integrative Laboratory Services clients of ICL.

How do I access my current and past invoices online?

  • Log in to your account at
  • Go to the ‘Invoices’ section under ‘My Account’.
  • Choose the practice you’d like to view from the drop-down menu.
  • Use the date picker to view current and past invoices.
  • Download as a PDF.

Your past invoices will be available from November 2022. Future invoices will be available indefinitely.

If you need to access invoices from before November 2022, please reach out to your Solutions Specialist or email us here.

I don’t have a login. How can I get access to my invoices?

It is possible that you already have a login. Please try resetting your password  here if you are unsure.

If you have never registered with us, please visit our page here and enter your practice details.

You will receive an email notification with a welcome package once your account has been verified (1-3 business days). At this point you should be able to log in and see any past invoices.

Your registration will also allow you to place kit orders online, ship directly to patients or clinics (under ‘My Account’) and access the fee schedule and updated test menu (under Resources).

I logged in, but there are no invoices available.

If you don’t see an invoice for the current month, it may be because no invoice has been issued; please check previous months to see if past invoices are available.

It may also mean you are not the primary account holder for this practice. For security reasons, only primary account holders have access to invoices online.

How do I know if I am a primary or secondary account holder?

You are considered the primary account holder if you are the individual who typically receives ICL’s invoices directly and those invoices appear in your name (or your practice’s name). If you are the primary account holder, it’s important to ensure your information is updated under ‘Edit Profile.’ If you typically do not receive invoices directly, you may be a secondary account holder. To ensure someone at your practice can access the invoices, please check with the primary account holder to confirm their visibility. If no one at your practice can see their invoices online, please reach out to your ICL solutions specialist for assistance.

I am the primary account holder, but I still do not see my invoices online, and my practice information is up to date on the ‘Edit Profile’ page.

The billing email we have on file might be different from the one you use to log in, which could be why you’re not seeing invoices. To resolve this, we can update your billing email in our system. Please reach out to your Solutions Specialist or email us here.

I logged in and went to ‘Invoices’, but only one account is available even though I am the primary account holder for multiple practices.

You need to add the additional account under ‘Edit Profile’.

Select ‘Add Another Practice’ and input the necessary details. Once all is verified, your other practice should appear after 1-3 business days and your invoices should be viewable at that time.

Can my admin have access to these invoices?

For security reasons, we have determined that only the primary account holder will have direct access to the invoices. If your admin needs to view the invoices, please ensure they coordinate with the primary account holder.

What does the credit memo section under invoices mean?

The credit memo section under invoices indicates whether a credit has been issued to your account. This will only appear if there was a previous billing adjustment, and you now have a credit on file. The credit will be automatically applied to your current or following invoice, depending on the billing cycle.

Will I still receive paper invoices in the mail?

As we transition to a more efficient system, we are gradually moving away from paper invoices. By accessing your invoices online, you benefit from:

  • Instant Access: Retrieve your invoices anytime and anywhere with just a few clicks.
  • Improved Organization & Enhanced Security: Easily store and manage your invoices digitally, reducing clutter and the risk of lost documents. Protect your sensitive information with secure online access rather than relying on physical mail.
  • Reducing waste: Help us reduce paper waste as we work together towards a greener future.

We believe these features will enhance your experience and simplify your administrative tasks. If you have any concerns about this transition, please feel free to contact our support team.


If none of these FAQ’s address your issue specifically, please reach out to us here to tell us about your unique issue. Please fill out all the details so we may contact you back at our earliest convenience.


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