Making Sense of Unusual Ig Results

Making Sense of Unusual Ig Results


US BioTek Presents: Making Sense of Unusual Ig Results


Thursday July 22 at 3:00pm PM EST

After using Ig testing for some time, you often have an idea of how the test results are going to come back based on the individuals’ lifestyle and symptoms. But every once and a while you receive Ig results that make you say “well that’s odd…” Dr. Andrea Gruszecki is taking on these odd test results to explain the most common questions that arise, how the results may have come to be, and what they mean for your patients/clients

The webinar will make sense of:

  • Pre-analytical errors
  • IgG, IgE and general health
  • High IgG levels
  • Low IgG levels
  • Elimination and rotation
  • Reintroduction
  • Nutritional and supplemental supports

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