GI MAP Webinars On Demand

GI MAP Webinars On Demand

An introduction to the GI-MAP™ (GI Microbial Assay Plus) by Tom Fabian, PhD.

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory is pleased to bring true advances in microbial testing. The GI-MAP™ stool test utilizes cutting edge, Quantitative PCR technology to provide a true DNA/PCR based stool test. This technology has high sensitivity, specificity and a rapid turnaround. The GI pathogens include bacteria, parasites and viruses. Continuing with this platform, the GI-MAP measures opportunistic organisms, normal flora, fungi, parasites and antibiotic resistance genes. The Plus refers to immunologic markers for GI health and function including SIgA, Elastase, Calprotectin and Anti-gliadin testing.

Implementing GI Map In Clinical Practice

Learn how to assess overall gastrointestinal health by comprehensive molecular evaluation of the GI microbiome, gut inflammation and mucosal immunity, and digestive function. Diagnostic Solutions Lab offers the first FDA approved platform for the comprehensive evaluation of GI pathogens using molecular/PCR based techniques. In addition to the assessment of bacteria, protozoal, and viral pathogens, the lab also employs this technology to assess opportunistic and beneficial organisms. This is the true diagnostic solution for evaluating gut health.

This educational webinar is designed to enlighten the clinician with information on:

  • When the GI-MAP should be considered?
  • Interpretation of the microbiome, digestive function, and immune and inflammatory markers on the GI-MAP.
  • The association and emerging causal data linking aberrant GI microbial patterns with various autoimmune disorders and how the GI-MAP can help.
  • Diet and supplement recommendations based upon abnormal results on the GI-MAP.
  • Case study presentations using the GI-MAP stool analysis

Understanding Common Dysbiosis Patterns with GI MAP

A healthy gut microbiome is essential for normal intestinal and immune function. Imbalances in the microbiome, known as dysbiosis, have been linked to large and growing list of chronic conditions and diseases.

In this webinar, you will learn how to recognize some of the most common dysbiosis patterns, and how they may be connected to gastrointestinal and systemic health imbalances. Factors that commonly contribute to dysbiosis will be discussed, along with common strategies for helping to re-establish a more balanced microbiome.

The New GI MAP Microbiol Markers – What Clinician’s Need to Know

The GI-MAP™ comprehensive stool analysis now includes four new commensal and opportunistic biomarkers (A. muciniphila, F. prausnitzii, Methanobacteriaceae (family), and Fusobacterium spp.). The carefully curated new biomarkers provide enhanced clinical insights based on the latest medical research. Further, the additional markers were added based on their ability to be modified using known clinical approaches.

In this presentation, Dr. Tom Fabian, will take clinicians on a marker-by-marker journey that explains the significance the new markers have on patient health, how to interpret them, and how to work with them in clinical practice.

GI-MAP™ (Includes GI Pathogens and H. pylori)

GIMAP White Paper

GIMAP Interpretive Guide

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