Ask the Expert – Webinar Q&A

Ask the Expert - Webinar Q&A

Dr. Jones, medical director for Precision Analytical Inc., creators of the DUTCH Test is ready to answer your hormone related questions!


  • Carrie will address hormone-related questions, direct from you and fellow practitioners!
    • Questions about a patient’s DUTCH Test results? Ask Dr. Carrie
    • Not sure which DUTCH test panel to order? Ask Dr. Carrie
    • Should I have my patient retest? Ask Dr. Carrie
    • Why are my patient’s estrogen metabolites out of balance? Ask Dr. Carrie


What people are saying about Dr. Carrie Jones:

“I have learned so much from her which has helped us utilize DUTCH testing more in our clinic”


“Dr. Jones is a fantastic educator and a great presenter!”


“Such great learning during her presentations on the application of the DUTCH hormone test.  Always a high level of information that is clinically relevant.”

 Watch now below: