Services Terms and Conditions

It is important that you read these terms and conditions carefully.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable to the services provided by In-Common Laboratories (“ICL”) Integrative Laboratory Services (being “us”, “we” or “our”). ICL services include specimen collection, laboratory tests, specimen collection supplies and specimen submission supplies, collectively (the “Services”).

1. Service Availability

1. Services are offered at ICL’s sole discretion.
2. ICL accepts test orders from healthcare practitioners with valid, current authority to order laboratory tests within their practice scope in their local jurisdiction (the “Practitioner”).
3. A Practitioner must provide evidence of valid authority acceptable to ICL prior to our setting up a Practitioner account (the “Account”), or from time-to-time as may be requested.
4. The Practitioner must inform ICL of any change in their professional credentials or legal status that may affect his/her valid authority to order tests and receive laboratory test reports.

2. Practitioner Account

1. Services are available for use by Practitioners with an Account in good standing.
2. ICL collects from the Practitioner and holds confidential information required to provide the Services.
3. ICL may communicate to the Practitioner information regarding the Services.
4. The Practitioner must immediately inform ICL of any revisions to their Account preferably using the ICL website or alternatively in writing.
5. The Practitioner must identify to ICL in writing any administrative representatives who have the Practitioner’s permission to have access to their Account or authority to make payment for Services on the Practitioner’s behalf.
6. For the duration of the Account the Practitioner must immediately advise ICL in writing of any changes in the identity or information relating to their administrative representatives.

3. Scope of Services

1. ICL refers laboratory tests for analysis to licensed or accredited laboratories. The Practitioner may specify to which ICL laboratory, subject to their availability, he or she wishes to have the sample referred.
2. Test availability and price are subject to change from time to time. ICL will provide prior notice of any change to the extent possible.
3. ICL provides specimen collection and submission instructions, specimen collection kits, and shipping supplies.
4. Test orders and specimens must be submitted to ICL in accordance with ICL requirements and must be transported in accordance with appropriate Canadian federal, provincial or other
5. ICL facilitates, on request, Practitioner consultation with ICL and performing laboratory clinical science and technical consultants.

4. Fees and Payment

1. ICL publishes and makes available to Practitioners a fee schedule for available Services including a Test Price List.
2. Fees may be applicable for other ICL Services, including but not restricted to, specimen collection kits, related supplies, kit delivery to the Practitioner or patient, and specimen delivery
to ICL.
3. The Practitioner agrees to pay ICL the applicable fee for all Services requested by the Practitioner.
4. Fees for Services will be invoiced at the end of the month in which the Services were provided.
5. A pre-authorized credit card debit transaction for the full invoice amount will be processed on the twentieth (20th) day of the month following the invoice month.
6. The Practitioner must immediately inform ICL of any revisions to their Account or payment method including change of postal address, credit card information or authorized administrative
7. ICL may suspend or terminate provision of Services for non-payment at ICL’s sole discretion. The Practitioner will be notified by e-mail and registered courier letter if their account(s) have been suspended or terminated for non-payment. If Services are suspended or terminated, the Practitioner must advise their patients not to collect or send samples to ICL for testing until their account has been paid in full and reinstated. Samples which are sent to ICL by the Practitioner or their patient while the Practitioner is under suspension will not be processed and may be returned to the Practitioner.
8. Invoice balances unpaid for over thirty (30) days may be subject to interest charges of one and a half percent (1.5%) per month.

5. Test Reports

1. Test reports will be delivered to Practitioners using a secure electronic reporting process or secure fax.
2. The Practitioner must provide a 24-hour emergency contact for ICL to report test results which the test performing Laboratory deems critical. Critical results are significantly outside the normal range and are communicated to the Practitioner urgently in the patient’s interest.
3. A 24-hour emergency contact shall be at least three (3) emergency contact phone numbers, or one (1) dedicated 24-hour emergency phone number with a live person answering or a dedicated duty roster phone number.
4. The Practitioner must immediately inform ICL of any revisions to reporting information including information for routine test result reporting and 24-hour emergency contact.
5. ICL may issue test results of communicable diseases to the appropriate health authorities as required by applicable law.

6. Privacy of Personal Information and Personal Health Information

ICL has a set of rules, set out in the ICL Privacy and Confidentiality of Information Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) which address how we deal with the privacy of all acquired personal health information. An overview of the ICL Privacy Policy is located on this website under Privacy. We regularly review our privacy practices and update our Privacy Policy in conjunction with our various operational activities.

Your email address and any other personal information you provide to ICL are used solely to serve you better and enhance your experience with our services. We firmly commit never to sell, rent, or trade your personal information to any third parties. For a full description please refer to the ICL Privacy Policy.

7. Privacy Contact Information

If you have questions, concerns or complaints relating to our Privacy Policy or privacy practices please contact:

In-Common Laboratories
57 Gervais Drive
North York, Ontario
M3C 1Z2
Attention: Privacy Officer